• Care coordination for new, acute and chronic conditions

  • Assess physical, psychological, social, and emotional needs to develop goal directed care plans

  • Navigate through complex medical systems to help with transitions and diagnoses

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Oversee the quality of care provided to the individual at home or in a facility

  • Act as an advocate, surrogate or liaison

  • Manage and coordinate the care and services of a family member

  • Assist with shopping, errands, medication management, medical appointments

  • Organize, process paperwork, statements and invoices

  • Assist with entitlements and insurance issues

  • Care coordination for new, acute and chronic conditions including:

  • Health education

  • Counseling and Support

  • Advance Care Planning Guidance and Assistance

  • Elder Orphan Support

..When a person becomes a patient because of a change in health status, getting a high quality care experience that puts the person's needs and preferences first is key to their well-being. Care must honor a person's choice and dignity. Respecting autonomy and promoting individual wishes to achieve positive outcomes.